Monthly Archives: October 2007

Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel, Budapest


Several new hotel projects have recently opened their doors in the country. Among the is the Lánchíd 19 design hotel, facing the Danube at the foot of Buda’s Royal Palace, a re-launch of a veteran three-star hotel near the capital’s City Park.

The building and its interior are the result of an interesting collaboration between Hungarian architects, graphic artists, photographers and fashion designers.


FUSE, New York


The FUSE music-television network, based in New York City, plays rock, alternative, punk, hardcore, emo and indie music. It claims a techsavvy audience ready to interact with the network via the Internet, cellphones and other wireless devices. Fuse recognized its product’s popularity, said Fuse VP of Operations Dave Alworth, but needed an equally effective “public” profile to contend as a new, New York City icon.


Moorfield Eye Hospital, London

Highlighting Eye Lighting

A stunning lighting scheme has recently been designed, supplied, installed and programmed by Lightscape Projects, part of the Light Projects Group, for the Richard Desmond Children Eye Centre which forms part of the Moorfields Eye Hospital. The new building, designed by architects Penoyre & Prasad, is illuminated on the South side using a linear combination of Light Projects and Tryka RGB Colour Changing LED Equipment. The lighting illuminates the façade by casting light on the underneath of the freely placed folded aluminium louvres, on a tensioned cable net suspended in front of glass curtain walling to protect the building from solar gain.


Allianz Arena, Munich


The Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron designed the Allianz Arena with its unique diamond-shaped illuminated outer facade, chancing between red, blue and white. More than 25,000 long-life fluorescent tubes enable the impressive illumination of the Allianz Arena.

The Allianz Arena logos are mounted on the north and south side of the arena. In a length of 39.83 meters and an absolute height of 5.18 meters, the twelve in blue and white lighted Allianz Arena letters are Europe’s biggest illuminated promotional lettering. The fascinating appearance turns the Allianz Arena into Europe’s state of the art stadium.