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Takarazuka University Of Art And Design, Osaka


The University seeks to foster creativity in various fields of study, provide students with professional art and design expertise, and make a lasting contribution to the industry and society at large. To help support this mission, the University unveiled a new satellite facility in Osaka in the spring of 2002, housing the University’s Division of Continuing Education. To best symbolize its focus on the marriage of traditional art and modern innovation, the approximately 200-foot high building makes use of the latest advancements in intelligent LED illumination from Color Kinetics Japan to distinguish its presence against the Osaka city skyline.


Designed by internationally renowned artist James Turrell, who explores the use of light and space to create extraordinary works of art, the building’s illuminated facade is awash with color and movement. Turrell implemented a design that incorporates four ethereal lighting effects to highlight and animate the facade. Applying rich displays of red, green, blue, yellow, and white light, the cycle of effects begins with one, uniform color. The color then gradually changes from one to another in a series of intricate patterns: rising from the building’s bottom to the top, unfolding from left to right, and slowly diffusing outward from the building’s center.

via: Color Kinetics

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