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Nerman Museum , Kansas

The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, constructed by KSWA Architects, is sited in Overland park, a college campus suburb characterized by large surface parking lots and evenly scaled buildings of brown brick. The materials are derived from nature and from the local context. The exhibition galleries are housed in a solid light controlled volume that hovers above the open lobby function below. Regional whitish limestone is used in contrast to the adjacent buildings, making reference instead to local geology. The stone volume cantilevers beyond the building’s structural core to reveal a horizontal soffit that becomes a surface for a permanent exterior LED light installation, bringing the art experience to the outside.

Microcosm, is a permanent site specific light sculpture that measures 25 by 50 feet and utilizes 12,000 white led nodes. The Nerman Museum of Contemporany Art, Overland Park, Kansas was designed by architect Kyu Sung Woo and Villareal´s piece is installed in the entry way soffit.,,

photos: © Timothy Hursley

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