Monthly Archives: March 2009

Wall of Light, Coventry City

In 2001 an open tender was released by Coventry City council to produce a piece of work for The Phoenix Initiative. The brief asked to provide a creative solution for a 60 metre wide x 2 metre high wall on the outside of a major new shopping development in Coventry City Centre.

The Wall is split into seven large panels that span the 60m length. It is constructed from 160,000 marbles sandwiched between two sheets of steel which give the wall an tactile and intricate surface. Behind the sheets are 60 coloured neon tubes that switch on when it gets dark. The tubes are connected to motion sensors which are turned on for a short period of time when someone walks past.


UEC Iluma, Singapore

Realities United created for the ILUMA building in Singapore RU a light and media facade, which had to be effective both during day and night. The project is part of a new development (Urban Entertainment Center) designed by WOHA architects1. In various ways this concept blurs boundaries as it actively merges the concept of a media screen with an ornamental architectural screen filtering air and light and as it blends abstract futuristic shapes with a 1970’s Vegas style.


Die Welle, Vienna

The Raiffeisen office building in Vienna has been nicknamed “Die Welle” (The Wave) because of its S-shaped façade. With its coloured LED lines including cabling, control and programming, Ledon has given the building façade accent lighting that can be seen for miles. The vibrant yellow meets the corporate design guidelines perfectly and makes the building an instant calling card for the company.


Nordwesthaus on Lake Constance, Austria

Once Fussach was dominated by excavators, now it is much more picturesque with boats and yachts. A former gravel pit has been converted into a sparkling new harbour on Lake Constance. The Nordwesthaus building designed by Baumschlager Eberle rises 14 meters directly out of the water. Its unique architecture makes it an impressive addition to the area. Underneath the glass cube are decorative curved concrete walls that blend perfectly with the natural surroundings of reed and trees and are beautifully illuminated in LED light. In the evening the Nordwesthaus is a real eye-catcher. Dynamic colour sequences bring the unique building façade to life, creating a wide variety of displays within the basic architectural elements. When the building is bathed in greenish blue light it takes on the appearance of reeds that are being swayed in a gentle night-time breeze over the lake.


OPENINGS, Los Angeles

OPENINGS is an interactive storefront installation, built into the façade of the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) gallery in Hollywood. Located at a border condition between the urban context of Hollywood Blvd. and the art gallery environment of LACE, OPENINGS uses architectural strategies and interactive media to address these two seemingly disparate zones. This project was developed during David Erdman’s UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design Superficial Superglow v2 winter quarter 2008 technology seminar and will be included in the forthcoming publication Contemporary Plasticity.


fLUX – binary waves, Lyon

fLUX, binary waves is an urban and cybernetic installation based on the measuring of infrastructural ( passengers, cars…) and communicational ( electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones, radio…) flows and their transposition into luminous, sonic and kinetic rules. This relation between the installation and the urban activity happens in real time and sets each person as an element of the installation, as a centre of the public realm.