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WIKA, Paris


WA is a site-specific video installation created for Knoll International by Gabriel Winer and Dana Karwas. Large-scale architectural projections turn the existing seventeenth century facade into a drive-by cinema and pedestrian spectacle. Playing with a unique two-screen format, the movie re-imagines the story of the company’s founders, how they discovered a minimalist approach to design, and came together to create the modernist symbol that Knoll is today.


The two videos are synchronized to play with, and against, each other, or as a single vertical image, creating a captivating dialogue between the characters on screen, the architecture of the building, the street, and the viewers. State-of-the-art projection material is used to implant the images onto the skin of the building and live editing software (developed by WIKA) remixes certain scenes, creating a fresh version of the movie each time it plays. These various elements come together to tell the story of Knoll the way it should be told, through time and urban scale.


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