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Ninety Six – Inflatable pixels

Ninety Six installation © Nils Voelker Ninety Six is a site specific installation created by Nils Völker for the exhibition Höhenrausch at the OÖ Kulturquartier in Linz, Austria. It comprises 96 plastic arranged in a matrix. The plastic bags can be individually inflated and deflated in different rhythms that create wavelike animations in the wall. While each bag is mounted in a fixed position, the sequences of inflation and deflation create the impression of lively movements. Forms appear from the plastic bag matrix and disappear back into the surface. In this way shapes and the boundaries of the installation itself start to dissolve.

Ninety Six installation © Nils Voelker Ninety Six installation © Nils Voelker Each module has eight cpu cooling fans that inflate and deflate each bag at the speed sent by the system. The whole installation has more than 700 fans that can move 30 cubic meters of air. A single arduino connected to shift registers sends the data to all of the pixels. This allows to control each plastic bag independently and create low-res patterns.

Installation, Video & Pictures: Nils Völker

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