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Lucem Media Facade, Aachen

The world’s first media façade featuring LUCEM light transmitting concrete panels has been unveiled in Aachen, Germany. Opened on 6 December 2012, the LUCEM Media Facade, situated at RWTH Aachen University contains the light transmitting concrete panels as designed by German concrete manufacturer LUCEM. As part of the project, which was designed by Aachen-based architects Carpus & Partner, 150cm by 50cm concrete panels containing optical fibres have been used, forming a total area 30m wide by 4m high with 136 panels. Each panel is fitting with colour-changing technology, with the colours becoming brighter approximately one hour before sunset. The LED-panels are controlled using an internet-based DMX technology system, with each panel containing 3% optical fibres.

According to LUCEM, the panels have various uses including ‘facades, interior walls, claddings and flooring systems up to the design of room dividers and bars’. There are currently three different types of LUCEM ®Lichbeton panels, which offer different effects and aesthetics for the user. With the LUCEM® Label panels, light transmitting fibres are arranged individually so that clients can display design logos, images, names, signatures and icons on the panels.


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