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Lichtsegel, Millstättersee

Light sails are used as guiding symbols for the state exhibition around the Millstaetter Lake, Austria. The objects are abstract sails, as a “light-space-installation”. The objects are orientated to the lake. The lake Millstaetter Lake is getting a tribune out of water, because the energy of the lake is trapped, converted and reflected as light. So the sails are working as a transmitter and receiver at the same time.

The illumination of the light sails itself is reacting to the surrounding – the more people approaching the sails the more vibrate light. The illumination is also reacting to the temperature – they are constantly changing their color. The colder the temperature the warmer the color of light is getting and inverse. In the dawn the integrated moving heads start their show. They elevate from water surface of the lake. The cone of lights raise and drop, they pulsate, they are reflected by the water. They connect and show the way from one light sail to another one.


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