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Grand Casino, Basle

The Grand Casino in Basle, Switzerland, looks like a glowing red cube after the sun has gone down and welcomes the nocturnal visitors. Its flaming red façade shines from far as a highlight in the otherwise deserted industrial zone. During nighttimes flames seem to be dancing over the glass façade of the Airport Casino. This effect is reinforced by the illumination of the façade from roof and floor level and the rough surface of the isolation. But suddenly the façade bursts into life. Waves of red light are chasing over the surface and signal that the jackpot has been hit. The digital control of the single LEDs allows displaying various light effects at special occasions.

140 000 pieces of Power TOPLEDs color the façade in a very saturated intense red light. The LEDs are concealed in rails between glass and isolation at floor and roof level, to ensure homogeneous illumination even under very flat viewing angle. Optics were used to focus the light in such a way, that it illuminates half of the height of the façade. Power TOPLEDs now provide such an intense light that they can illuminate even large areas, such as this 20 m high façade. Designed by architects Burckhardt & Partner the whole façade of the Airport Casino Basle is comprised of two layers: the red plastered isolation, which is encased with red printed glass at a distance of 80 mm.,,

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