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Flexipix media architecture: coloured light, video screen and façade all in one!

FLEXIPIX developed out of an art project by the BBM group they constructed the world’s first mobile, five-sided pixelroom and exhibited it in public spaces in Germany. On 400sqm screens on all the walls and the ceiling visitors can watch videos that deal with the future of public spaces and the freedom of the citizen in europe. The room was developed in collaboration with BBO, betreiber blinkender objekte (operators of flashing objects).

The company FLEXIPIX, which merges the two media – light and plastic, is obliged to the utopias of the aforementioned giants of future architecture. Their collaboration with BBM on the FLEXIPIX project stands for technically innovative and socially responsible thinking. High quality, environmentally meaningful and socially desirable buildings are possible with our technology.Through our contribution public spaces will be revitalised and again become places for the population to meet and debate.


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