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Europe Business Center, Banska Bystrica

The most modern way of building illumination in the whole world and in Slovakia as well and the first and unique way of illumination in such a big scale.

SSL technology (solid state lighting “semiconductor lighting) which is applied to the whole area of glassed-in part of the building in combination with special narrow beam metalhallogenid spots creates new range of modern multimedia illumination.

On the facade of the Europa Business Center, Leader Light installed a total of 2,040 specially produced LL LED DOTs Z-Power OneCip RGB luminaires, which are placed in inside part of the windows. Each luminarie consist form four pieces of highpower RGB OneChip LEDs, which are fully dimmable from 0 to 100% and provide continuously colour changes of full colour spectrum by additive RGB colour mixing. Each luminarie is driven by special designed LED EBC driver, which is controlled by DMX signal and serve as a power source for luminaries. Power supply for LED EBC drivers is switched by relay placed on each floor, which control is provided by the relay control unit. The main advantages of the luminaries are small dimensions and enormly low power consumption. During the day is impossible to see the body of the lumunaries, they do not destroy the looks of the building. The common illumination mode is reduced to approximately to 30% of full intensity, which is around 8kW of imput power for the whole building.

Transformation of ethernet signal to DMX signal is made by e:cue Butler with integrated repeat unit, by which is able to drive up to two lines of DMX outputs (1024 channels), which are controlled by e:cue Programmer Enterprise. With DMX technology is able to minimalize installation costs first of all when the cable distances can be up to 1200m long. The network connectivity is also through RJ45, where through Ethernet switch is connected e:cue server with each of e:cue butlers.

Multimedia LED illumination allow colour changes with dynamic effects for illumination as well as commercial and marketing use.The overall character of a building is composed by eight FALCON STATIC ARC colour 2000Ws with new type of XBO lamps and CMY colour mixing and three FALCON BEAM ARC whites 3000W. The STATIC ARC colours are arranged along the facade in two groups of three and one of two in such a way as to illuminate the areas near the window fronts as uplights. With their regular colour changes they are able to work striking static effects on the facade. The FALCON BEAM ARC whites are installed on the roof, where they can project geometric figures into the night sky and elongate and copy the straight lines of the building. This extraordinary and amazing show creates illusion of endless facade, which is able to see from long distances.


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