MAI Blog – Everyday feelings visualized - Northeastern Center for the Arts is an interactive installation placed on the facade of the Northeastern University’s Ryder Hall. was opened on the 24th of April and is working on the evening hours. The installation comprises two large LED matrices mounted on a corner window of the building. The matrices are placed perpendicular to each other, creating a 3 dimensional effect that resembles a cube matrix.

To control the installation the students developed an online application that collects, aggregates and delivers data generated by the users. The online application asks the visitors about their current feelings showing them the following options: anxious, relieved, determined, exited, or exhausted. The votes gathered are processed and then displayed in the media facade.

With the creators want to show how interactive media architecture contributes to the everyday life in a meaningful way, by visualizing the mood of the people inside and outside of the university campus. - Northeastern Center for the Arts A screen shot of the web site - Northeastern Center for the Arts The Ryder Hall with the installation - Northeastern Center for the Arts The installation from the inside - Northeastern Center for the Arts

Pictures: Photos by E. Karaman, D. Offenhuber, and Maria Amasanti/Northeastern University.
Project: MFA program in Information Design and Visualization

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