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Casino Lugano, Suiss

If you’ve ever seen the Casino Lugano by day, you wouldn’t recognize it at night. When sun goes down the large grey block of marble is turned into a colorful eye-catcher attracting passers-by by its color changes and light effects. More than 45.000 red, green and blue Power TOPLEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors bathe the east façade in light and color. In combination with the more than 1.000 swiveling marble panels of the façade fascinating light effects can be produced. Besides the illumination in one single color is also possible. There are no limits for the creation of light effects.

The additive mixture of the red, green and blue light allows color changes and the illumination in any color. Due to the digital control of each LED either the whole façade or only a sub area can be illuminated. The Power TOPLEDs are installed at all six floors and run horizontally over the whole lengths of the east façade. The LEDs are mounted in modules covered with a watertight glass tube, which ensures homogeneous color mixture.


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