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Canopy, Toronto

canopy02 Inspired by the experience of walking through a forest’s dappled light, Canopy is a 90-meter long light sculpture spanning the front facade of the Maple Leaf Square building in Toronto, Canada. This permanent architectural installation is made of thousands of identical modules, organised in a non-repeating growth pattern. Their form, abstracted from the geometry of leaves, reflect nature. A combination of daylight and artificial light sweeping through the work recalls the activity of cells within a leaf, leaves in a forest canopy, or a city seen from the air.

uva_mls_1106 Credits:
UVA – United Visual Artists
Commissioned by Cadillac Fairview, Lanterra Developments & Maple Leaf Sports
Public Art Consultants: Public Art Management (Karen Mills and Justin Ridgeway)
Manufacturer and Installer: Soheil Mosun Limited
LED Technology: Saco LSI

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