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Balance Tower, Barcelona

The Balance Tower is part of the newly constructed pumping station built by the Spanish water supply company ATLL and is designed to conceal a water reservoir within it. Its media skin developed by ag4 is a stunning fusion of moving images with the extraordinary architecture of the building. This mediatecture, developed in line with the function of the building, is based on a future-oriented approach that aims for a sustainable and long-term impact. The concrete core of the structure spanning a surface of 768 m2 is covered in an exciting patchwork of metal and photovoltaic elements, creating an intelligent form of self-generated energy supply concealed within an aesthetic element. The LED profiles fit perfectly into the joints of the outer skin, emphasizing the vertical structure of the construction.

By night, the dynamic and transparent facade will display an installation consisting of abstract-figurative light patterns and text elements at a resolution of 3650 pixels. The light choreography is based on a reduced design. The installation is not conceived as a closed narrative, but rather uses interwoven image sequences to explore the various themes concerning the sustainable management and use of energy and water reserves. Minimalist animations evoke the natural water cycle of rain, water flow and evaporation. The design concept for the media installation was conceived by ag4 in close collaboration with ruisanchez arquitectes and ATLL.

The 18,000 LEDs will be powered by energy generated in an environmentally friendly way. The average energy demand of approx. 0.7 kW-h required to power the installation by night will be generated through the tower’s own photovoltaic system and then fed into the public power grid during the day. The media skin of the Fontsanta Balance Tower is a pioneering contribution by ag4 media facade GmbH to the development and construction of “green” media facades.

Architect: ruisanchez arquitectes, Barcelona.

via/from:ag4 media facade Gmbh.

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