Monthly Archives: April 2009

Solar Collector, Canada

Twelve shimmering metal shafts rise at surprising angles from a grassy hill. They hang over the landscape, creating a graceful curve that appears to unfold for passing motorists. The shafts are part of Solar Collector, a sculpture created by artists Matt Gorbet, Rob Gorbet, and Susan LK Gorbet as a commission for the Region of Waterloo. Set in front of the Regional Operations Centre in Cambridge, Ontario, the sculpture is solar-powered and interactive, inviting the community to choreograph its nightly performance via the web.


Europe Business Center, Banska Bystrica

The most modern way of building illumination in the whole world and in Slovakia as well and the first and unique way of illumination in such a big scale.

SSL technology (solid state lighting “semiconductor lighting) which is applied to the whole area of glassed-in part of the building in combination with special narrow beam metalhallogenid spots creates new range of modern multimedia illumination.


Folded Space, São Paulo/Brasil

Folded Space is a project by MSW that interacts with perception of Torre Pompéia building in São Paulo/Brasil. It uses video projection composed of geometrical shapes which, as they move and re-shape, transform the building onto which they are projected.

The video installation “folded space” uses the tension-filled constellation of massive parts of the building and bridge arrangements for a temporarily fresh interpretation.


Polygone Playground, Denmark

The “Polygon Playground” is a large scale interactive lounge object. It offers room for up to 40 persons at a time to walk, sit and explore its multifaceted surfaces. Gradient ramps guide to the top plateau or offer space to sit and rest. The installation features a software aided 3D surface projection system to cover the object with a seamless 360 degree projection mapping. An additional sensory system detects peoples positions and proximity.