Monthly Archives: November 2006

Rockefeller Center, New York


On the top-floor observation deck of the Rockefeller Center in New York, a unique, interactive space has been created with the use of intelligent LED lighting supplied by Color Kinetics. Cameras track individual visitors as they move within the space, and signal the LED fixtures to create a series of individual colors and patterns. Conceptualized by Electroland of Los Angeles, the Target Interactive Breezeway has intelligently controlled LED light fixtures on all its surfaces.


Chicago Millennium Park


A fountain in Chicago’s Millennium Park features two giant LED-lit towers faced with LED displays.The fountain consists of two 50-foot-high glass-block towers facing each other across a shallow 232-foot-long reflecting pool.On three sides, the towers glow from within thanks to color-changing LED lighting fixtures – approximately 70 units per tower – supplied by Color Kinetics, while the fourth sides feature Barco LED display screens that face each other across the reflecting pool.


Morongo Casino


Cabazon, California – March 2005 – Design firm Visual Terrain went hunting for a high impact, cost-effective way to brighten up the Morongo Casino and Resort. The architect’s desire for a visual experience to draw visitors from a distance as they approached the property meant to be of an extraordinary approach. Element Labs’ Versa TILE was the perfect blend of light and image. We were able to create a solution that literally stopped traffic on Interstate 10 (without accidents) and presented the property with a unique identity.


The Versa TILE X2 are encased in an exterior housing and may be attached to almost any outdoor surface. In Morongo’s case, tile strips were customized to fit on the curtain wall mullions, making installation fast and easy. The slim design also solved a cosmetic issue faced by the hotel. “This made the fixture practically invisible guests inside,” Levesque says, noting that while exterior lighting is important for a hotel, it’s also vital that it doesn’t overwhelm those staying inside.