Monthly Archives: April 2011

Nexus, London

Jason Bruges Studio’s latest artwork has been unveiled at Sunderland Station. The 144m long piece presents a virtual platform filled with travellers within a glass block wall. The 3m tall glass block wall in the underground train station has been turned into a large low-resolution video matrix (755×15 pixels). Behind the wall is a disused platform, which long ago used to see passengers waiting for trains. Now the tracks are long gone and the old platform is hidden from view., we have created ghostly characters that appear behind the glass wall opposite passengers waiting for the trains.

by: Jason Bruges Studio


Lotus by Studio Roosegaarde

‘Lotus 7.0’ is a living wall made out of smart foils which fold open in response to human behavior. Walking by ‘Lotus 7.0’, hundreds of aluminium foils unfold themselves in an organic way; generating transparent voids between private and public.Here physical walls become immaterial, through a poetic morphing of space and people.