Monthly Archives: August 2010

1075 Peachtree, Atlanta

The lights and images become part of the body of the surface they inhabit. Does the light mold itself to the architectural forms or do the structures themselves arch into the light? An organic relationship, the urban environment is subtly activated to engage both employees and passersby. Moment Factory was invited by PHA Lighting Group to create an LCD media façade to serve as a continuous visual animation for their iconic location. Integrated into the architecture, the media façade creates an impression of the building as a living organism. The technology is hidden – it is the experience that engages the public. A framework of 5000 pixel RGB LED screens was built on the building’s façade. To avoid use of a matrix, the units are laid out in a quincunx form to make an asymmetrical whole. A prismatic Lexan used for projection warps the pixels to create an impression of 3D.


City of Dreams, Macau

The City of Dreams is a mega project realised by StandardVision in Macau – China. The whole light installation ist stretching like a giant canvas over four different buildings. Adrian Velicescu of StandardVision:” It´s hard enough to distribute the data to a large screen in a building, but when you start looking at multiple towers that are 500 meters away from each other, it became apparent that we needed to combine a number of new technologies in order to pull it off.”