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Trash Mirror by Daniel Rozin

Trash Mirror – 2001

500 pieces of variously colored trash collected from the streets of New York and artist’s pockets, motors, control electronics, concealed video camera, computer. Size – W 76″ x H 76″ x D 8″ (193cm ,193cm, 20cm) Though built 3 years after the Wooden Mirror, Trash mirror was conceived first, However the concept seemed too risky at the time so I decided to build the Wooden Mirror first. This piece suggests that we are reflected in what we discard. The piece celebrates the ability of computation to inflict order on even the messiest of substances – trash.


Flunk Night, Cochrane Theatre – London

Flunk night is a combination of bright, hi-tech LED visuals and cutting-edge sounds. klipp-av will perform a set of live-computed music integrated with imagery on a 30sqm display in the Cochrane Theatre’s stage and VJ Mowgli and Passion-FM’s Darien-J will play. new research by blipcreative allowing faster connection of software music and imagery synthesis with high-performance displays, enables exploration of new approaches to club performance.