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The Grand Indonesia tower


The Grand Indonesia tower (Jakarta, Indonesia) is a 57-story skyscraper covered with two LED videoscreens. The low-resolution back screen presents abstract motion art and the high-resolution foreground screen periodically presents lifestyle and branding content along the face of the building. Building visuals (both high and low resolution), comprise approximately 60,000 sq. ft. of LED video coverage along the exterior curtain wall.

hi res.jpg

The building was created by Darryl Yamamoto, AIA, director of Austin Veum Robbins Partners (AVRP) and Mixed Use Studio, both of Los Angeles (AVRP also has a San Diego office). Yamamoto was formerly with RTKL, where he designed the project.

“Essentially, the LED grid followed the form of the building’s curtain wall,” Yamamoto said. “Thus, the LED video strips were mounted against the building in several types of formations. In some instances, where there was glass, the LED video strips were placed inside the glass, facing outwards towards the public. Where there were opaque, metal panels on the building skin, the LED strips were recessed into reveals.” Text: Louis M. Brill

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