Media Facades Summit, Frankfurt 2012

Media Facades Summit 2012

Following the great success of the last summit, the aim of the 2nd Media Facade Summit is to provide a forum for discussions around the emergent issues and challenges of media facades, urban screens, and out-of-home displays. Top creatives and leading experts in the field will present projects and discuss approaches for designing and building media facades. The summit is part of the Luminale 2012 which runs in parallel to the Light+Building event taking place in Frankfurt in April 2012.

April 18th, 2012, 9am to 9pm
Städelschule Frankfurt


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Through significant progress in LED engineering, the past years have witnessed an increasing development of media facades and media architecture, which merge buildings and light spots. Buildings thereby increasingly function as media screens or turn in to animated architecture. Most recent examples in this field include the Bayer headquarter in Leverkusen, the new Ars Electronica Center in Linz or Yasni Hotel in Dubai. Due to the decrease in the price for LEDS and their constant increase in luminosity, one can expect in the next years further progress in this process of fusion, together with its integration into contemporary architecture, but also heated discussions about the usefulness or uselessness of these developments. The Media Architecture Institute aims at fostering discussion about this topic and directing it on to the right tracks. Since 2006 we are running to collect examples of such projects and analyse their technical background, as well as their creative potential, but also possible risks for the cityscape.

The Media Facades Summit 2012 contributes to this discourse around media architecture by showcasing and discussing latest trends and developments in the field. A series of lectures panel discussions will deal with the following questions:

  • What is the impact of media facades on architecture?
  • Which part does technology (for example LED technology) play in the design process?
  • What are the effects of media facades on the perception of a city?
  • How can citizens become involved in the process?
  • How can benefits and risks of media facades be assessed?
  • What are sustainable considerations of this technology?
  • What are current trends and future directions?

The event will be held in English.


Morning session:

Welcoming lecture that briefly positions what media facades have achieved up to this point and time, and then focus on ‘What’s next?’ by raising a series of questions of where media facades might be in the years to come through introducing work outside the core domain of screens.

9.00-9.30 Registration
9.30-9.45 Welcoming address Media Facade Summit (M. Hank Haeusler / UNSW / MAI)
9.45-10.00 Welcoming address Dean Städelschule (Nikolaus Hirsch / Städelschule)
10.00-11.00 Opening Lecture (M. Hank Haeusler / UNSW / MAI)
11.00-12.30 Lunch break and get together (food available at Mensa Städelschule), meet & greet with Traxon, AHL, Galaxia and LaubLab during break
12.10-12.25 Book launch “Urban Media Cultures” (avediton, 2012)
Afternoon session: Starts with an industry session by presenting a project built and designed with a specific product. The session then concentrates on extracting insider information about media architecture in series of short presentations. The three sessions have the topics: Architecture and Urbanism; Interaction and Responsiveness; and Marketing and Events. Each presentation is scheduled for 30 min, followed by a 15 min Q&A session.
12.30-13.00 Industry Lecture(Stephan Wittekind & Jan Miebach /Traxon)
Architecture and Urbanism
13.00-13.30 Lecture I (Alex Bienhaus / AS&P)
13.30-14.00 Lecture II (Markus Pfisterer / GMP & Thomas Müller, Lichtvision)
14.00-14.15 Question and answer with audience
Interaction and Responsiveness
14.30-15.00 Lecture III (Sebastian Oschatz / MESO)
15.00-15.30 Lecture IV (Dominic Harris / Cinimod)
15.30-15.45 Question and Answer audience
15.45-16.30 Coffee break (coffee and snacks are available at Mensa Städelschule), meet & greet with Traxon, AHL, Galaxia and LaubLab during break
Marketing and Scenography
16.30-17.00 Lecture V (Dominik Hagemann / Atelier Brueckner)
17.00-17.30 Lecture VI (Peter Redlin, Thomas Frenzel / Milla & Partner)
17.30-17.45 Question and Answer audience
18.00-18.45 Round table discussion with all speakers and industry
18.45-19.15 Break
Evening session: Evening Keynote by Ben van Berkel as dean of the faculty and designer several media facades.
19.15-20.15 Closing Keynote (Ben van Berkel / Städelschule)
Closing networking event: Closing event for networking and meetings with finissage drinks and catering starting after the evening keynote at the Mensa Städelschule.
20.30-22.00 Open bar finissage drinks and catering with opening of the BoxLEDs media installation, bar and DJ

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Dr Gernot Tscherteu – Media Architecture Institute, realitylab
Dr Hank M. Haeusler – Media Architecture Institute, UNSW
Support and assistance team: Wolfgang Leeb, Ben Stricker, Martin Tomitsch

Special thanks to Helmut Bien (Projektbüro Luminale) and Johan Bettum (Städelschule Frankfurt).

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