The aesthetic of luminous ceilings

From the image of heaven to dynamic light Luminous ceilings provide spacious room impressions and can provide different types of lighting. Besides this, they are, however, also metaphors of the natural sky and a mirror of an aesthetic and architectural debate. The historical observation of ceilings reveals that the image of heaven, which reached a theological culmination in the luminous Renaissance stucco techniques, turned into large-scale light emanating surfaces. Even if the luminance of contemporary LED screens has increased intensely and thereby creates a point of attraction, designers still look to establish a pictorial language for an impressive appearance.

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Klimahaus 8° Ost, Bremerhaven

Angeregt durch die geografische Lage und Adresse „Am Längengrad 8°“, wurde das Scheibenraster der Fassade als Netz aus Meridianen betrachtet. An deren Kreuzungspunkten fixierte LED-Lichtpunkte sollen Assoziationen wecken; ein Netz aus Licht als Referenz zum weltumspannenden Konzept des Klimahauses. Die Lichtplaner haben sich früh dafür entschieden, die gesamte Hülle mit Licht zu bespielen und das Innere des Gebäudes am Abend auszublenden.


The Cloud, London

The history of Olympics and Expos is one of heaviness– of mass and monumentality and conspicuous expenditure on immovable objects whose legacy has occasionally endured, but have always been outdated. Our most extraordinary contemporary feats of engineering are more stealthy, more extensive and more invisible than these traditions of glass and brickand steel: Code rather than Carbon.


Green Ray, Lisabon

Designed to celebrate the thematic “Green Ray” party, organized by our client LuxFrágil with the collaboration of Patrick Goor, this light installation is simultaneously an intensely physical and artistic experience for the invited guests. Our design, using green lasers and mirrors producing totally analog visual effects, consists of two light sculptures: a green ray of light apparently perforating the building and a big outdoor light tapestry whose appearance changes according to the movement of the guests that become co-creators and yet challenged to take part of this collaborative experience.

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Update Mediafacade Bayer Tower, Leverkusen

The cladding of the former Bayer corporate Headquarter in Leverkusen with the mesh systems Mediamesh® and Illumesh® is almost completed. The last of the overall 684, each 7, 20 metres long and four metres wide weave panels have been assembled. The 122 metre high building is going to be completely cladded with the stainless steel mesh with interwoven LED profiles. 18,000 square metres of the stainless steel mesh – that equals the size of approximately two and a half soccer pitches – cover the 29 floors of the building. The 5.6 million LEDS will turn the distinctive building into a landmark of a successful industrial history.

Mediamesh® and Illumesh® are joint products of GKD – Gebr- Kufferath AG and ag4 media façade GmbH.

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Der Indenmann, Inden-Germany

The Indemann was designed by the Maastricht architecture firm Maurer United Architects as a symbol of the structural-political evolution of the former mining region near Inden. This 36 meter high, accessible steel sculpture, built on a brown coal dump, resembles in its form a primitive robot. The Indemann gets its unique brightness from Illumesh® – a semitransparent skin made of stainless steel mesh with interwoven LED profiles by GKD – Gebrüder Kufferath AG. During the day, the metallic surface shimmers and reflects light, then at night a computer-controlled light show comes to life. The worldwide patented system is a cooperative product of GKD and ag4 media facade GmbH, Cologne. The Indemann is the first public project in Germany where Illumesh® is in use. After the spectacular dress rehearsal at the beginning of August, which attracted already over 2.500 spectators, the official inauguration of the steel colossus is on September 5th. The specially by ag4 developed and tailored show represents the transition of a changing cultural landscape and forms the basis for the atmospheric dense, smoothly shifting color and light patterns changes, as a symbol of the transformation from coal mining area towards a research-, educational and recreational region.


Rheinpartie, Germany

Spectacular images in the Rhine Valley: The Germania wrapped in the European flag, the Loreley a mountain of german words, the ruins of Rheinfels: Risen from ruins. Projections of international artists transform castles, monuments and ruins in the valley of the Loreley (Unesco World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley).


Imperial Forum, Acapulco

1211LIGHTING at the forefront of Acapulco’s re-birth creates first even environmental friendly LED lighting installation and one of the largest in México is setting new standards of excellence with lighting design in this popular tourist destination. Forum Imperial located at the center of Acapulco’s Diamante Zone is the first of three structures of Mundo Imperial. The 2060 square meter glass façade is illuminated by more than 89,000 individual LEDs. The result, a dazzling fusion of color-changing and signage effects is captivating passersby and intensifying the entertainment value and experience of visitors attending events.