Exhibition Duration Changed

In order to pool our events and to underline the festival character we moved the exhibition opening to the Oct 16, 2008. It will be open till Dec 12, 2008. This will save time and travel costs, especially for exhibition participants who want to attend the conference on Oct 17 and 18.

Atom by WHITEvoid

Performance for a matrix of 64 gas balloons, lights, and sound

A room is filled with deep, evolving noises from a four-channel sound system. An eight-by-eight array of white, self-illuminated spheres floats in space like the atoms of a complex molecule.

Through variable positioning and illumination of each atom, a dynamic display sculpture comes into being, composed of physical objects, patterns of light, and synchronous rhythmic and textural sonic events. Change, sound, and movement converge into a larger form.


Aarhus by Light

Concert Hall Aarhus is the setting for an interactive piece that invites the citizens of the city to be part of a shared experience. In contrast to billboards, Aarhus by Light is not driven by commercial interests. Rather it is an alternative staging of the encounter between the citizens of Aarhus and a cultural landmark. It is a blend of architecture, ornament, and interactive entertainment.

People experience the facade in a multitude of situations. They may be headed for the Concert Hall or passing by on their way to shopping. Some may cast a quick glance and hurry on, while others will be lured to explore the interactive potentials of the facade.


Tarmled 4×4

In TARMLED 4×4 kommen die weltweit hellsten RGB-Highpower LEDs
(3 in 1 SMD, 3 W) zum Einsatz. Dieses Produkt ist sowohl für den Indoor- als auch für den Outdoor-Einsatz konzipiert und liefert selbst bei direkter Sonneneinstrahlung eine Bildqualität von unübertroffener Brillanz. Die hoch transparente (82%), leichte und modulare Aluminium-Gitterstruktur bietet volle Videofähigkeit und ist flexibel konfigurierbar, z.B. zu einem Zylinder oder in Wellenform. Die einzelnen Module werden nach dem Daisy-Chain-Prinzip miteinander verbunden, wobei über lediglich ein Kabel sowohl der erforderliche Strom als auch die Bildinformationen an bis zu 40 Tiles transportiert wird.

Typische Anwendungen aufgrund der äußerst geringen Windlast und einem Betrachtungswinkel von 140° x 140° sind z.B. großformatige LED Rückwände für Konzertbühnen, großflächige Messedisplays und der Einsatz in der modernen Architekturbeleuchtung

via: Tarmled

Cruquius Plaza,NL

Urban Alliance´s mission is to integrate modern communication technologies in the built environment in order to create interactive public spaces and objects. Urban Alliance combines expertise in design, content production, engineering and construction. This way UA is a one-stop-shop for tun-key mediatecture solutions. Urban Alliance works for developers, governments, advisers and architects on projects indoors and outdoors for purposes as city marketing, social safety and arts.


Commcast Videowall, philadelphia

Situated in a breathtaking 7-story high glass atrium, The Comcast Experience is a joint gift to the citizens of Philadelphia from Comcast Corporation and Liberty Property Trust; one that combines sculpture, architecture and technology into an inviting and unique public environment. By transforming a public transportation hub into an artistic focal point for the city, The Comcast Experience encompasses a number of important “firsts.” From a technology standpoint, the world’s largest four millimeter LED wall is 83.3’ wide by 25.4’ high (25.38m x 7.74m), and is comprised of 6,771 Barco NX-4 LED modules. With 10 million pixels mounted in a seamless flat array, the wall provides an extremely high degree of photo-realism — five times the resolution of high-definition television.



  • MegaPhone is Phonecall-Controlled, Real-Time, Multi-Player Collaborative Gaming Platform for Big Screens in Public Spaces, but we already said that. What we mean is, it’s a game you control with a phone call.
  • MegaPhone is NOT a downloadable application that runs on your phone, and it’s NOT a wireless network, like Wifi or Bluetooth.
  • There are two ways to send input to the display: keypad and voice. The keypad can be used much like a video game controller, and the volume and pitch of the phone’s microphone can also become input in the game.
  • MegaPhone updates the game state on a shared screen, and can send custom audio and text messages back to each user. MegaPhone uses this mobile channel back to the caller to close the loop on out of home media advertising.

Interview on Media Architecture

This interview was given to Scott Johnson and Ashlen Williams, graduate students from the University of Kansas currently developing a research project on “Communicative Architecture: An Analysis of How Digital Infrastructure Shapes Human Interaction in the Built Environment.”

1. How does the interactive, animated nature of the newest forms of media facades redefine public space?

Well, I think we all must admit that we simply don’t know. Always when a new technology emerges there are some prophets that predict salvation and the dawn of a new era of communication and there are others that warn against negative effects like light pollution or excessive advertising. In a sense both sides are true but one has to develop more differentiated points of view. In other words: an emotional but also rational discourse is needed in order to tame the chances and risks of this new field. The discussion has to be as public as possible and is to involve different stakeholders. – That’s a main reason for organising the Media Facades Festival in Berlin (


Shanghai Pearl TV Tower

Located on the east side of Huangpu River, near the Lujiazuei International Financial District and a striking contrast to the neo-classical buildings along the Bund on the opposite river bank, Shanghai Pearl TV Tower is not only the most remarkable building in Shanghai, but has become the symbolic icon that illuminating the energetic and cultural image of Shanghai City that continuously showcases her beauty to the world.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower was built and completed on 1 October, 1994. Though twenty years have come and gone, this iconic Tower has seen an influx of thousands and upon thousands of visitors from all over the world, coming together to embrace the beauty of this Pearl Tower.

As planned, the outdoor lighting system has been re-designed and renovated every decade in order to usher in a new era that shows the best of her beauty to the world. This year, 2014, marks Phase 2 of the renovation, which stands for the most advanced outdoor lighting design and technology. It is expected to attain the world-class level as well as showing the culture, technology, innovation, romance and irresistible charm that surprises all visitors all over the world not only to behold but to gain an amazing experience. StrongLED, as the responsible company for the execution of phase 2 of the project, has achieved an outstanding work.

Shanghai_Pearl_Tower_Light_and_Music_Show_01 (more…)