Aegis Hyposurface-Kinetic Mediafassade


The Aegis Hyposurface is an outstanding piece of technics. It was designed by deCOi Architects and recieved the Feidad (= Far Eastern International Digital Architectural Design) Award 2001. It is still a remarkable design approach. The idea behind is, that due to the different positions of the small metall tiles, the reflection of the surrounding light is changing. In this way a tremendous poetic way of displaying patterns and shapes is possible.The Prototype consists out of about 1000 of these metall tiles. They are moved by “telescopic fingers” which reach a speed up to 60 km/h and have a stroke of 50 cm. Look at the following movies: Hyposurface01.AVI Hyposurface02.AVI


Galleria Department Store


The Galleria Department Store is actually a refurbishment project. Originally the Galleria Building was windowless and not very appealing. The Owner Hanwha Stores Co, wanted to turn it into a landmark building that would reflect the innovation and style of the area, manifesting its own identity for quality, like the exclusive boutiques within its walls. So UN Studio and ARUP Lightning were asked to recreate the mall´s exterior. Together they developed a chameleon-like facade that reflects the subtleties of natural light on opalescent, dichroic glass discs during the day. At night the discs are individually backlit and controlled by a computer program to create brilliant and unique colour schemes all over the building – each disc acting like a big pixel on a giant screen. 4330 discs, each 850mm in diameter, make up the entire facade of the mall.


Chanel Tower


With a 10-floor palace of glass at the ritziest of all Tokyo addresses, Chanel launched its biggest boutique in the world. Designed by American architect Peter Marino, the 56-meter high building is set to dominate the elite Chuo-dori avenue. It has a massive curtain wall of glass that encapsulates a nest-shaped block of aluminum in Chanel handbags’ signature tweed pattern.The glass facade will light up Ginza each dusk to dawn with 700,000 embedded white light-emitting diodes.The Chanel Tower in the Ginza district of Tokyo is a true architectural integration of LED technology into a curtain wall. From inside and outside the LED technology appears transparent, allowing the office worker a clear an unobstructed view of the world during the day. The street view presents the worlds largest black and white video wall at night.The Hardware came from L.E.D. – Effects. You can also find a nice Video there wich shows the installation of the facade.


Uniqa Tower Media Facade


The Uniqua Insurance Company built a new headquarter in Vienna´s 2nd district. The Facade of the Tower is constructed as a double layered glass facade. In between there is enough space to situate the led modules. The spacing between the vertical led stripes is identical with the construction grid of the main facade. The resolution is not that high, but good enough to display photographic imagery. The special artistic content was done by Mader Stublic Wiermann. The technical part was done by lichtkunstlicht and Barco. The display may not be bright enough to run during daytime; it´s just being used during nighttime.


SPOTS – Media Facade


SPOTS media facade is a temporary projects by Realities:United. Here’s some more information provided by Generator X. (Photo by Bernd Hiepe)

“SPOTS will be a gallery for a series of curated art projects for public space. Commissioned by ad agency Café Palermo Pubblicità for HVB Immobilien AG, the installation was designed by Realities:United, a Berlin-based architecture studio with previous experience in creating large-scale light installations. Their BIX facade for Kunsthaus Graz garnered much international attention, and won them more than a few awards.

SPOTS will last for 18 months, with four commissioned works by Jim Campbell, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Carsten Nicolai and Realities:United in collaboration with John Dekron. The selection was curated by Andreas Broeckmann, director of the Transmediale festival. Visitors to Transmediale 2006 will have a chance to see all four works, as they are shown one per day in a special showing for the festival.” (via Generator X)


Light+Building (L+B) is an international fair that took place in Frankfurt (April 23 – 26). Seems to be interesting also in respect to mediafacades. I took a closer look at the catalogue: The  following companies have shown interesting products or proejcts that could be usefull for mediafacades g-lec | you will see | grid type LED curtain, Leurocom – Electronic Displays, Tryka L.E.D. Ltd – Home,  Lumileds LED Lighting – Luxeon LEDs,  ARKANZ – Home,  ECKELT GLAS GmbH.

In parallel to L+B there is a light art festival called Luminale with interesting projects. Here are some Pictures from Luminale. L+B is biannual event. Next fair is April 2008.

Two Events in Vienna

There are two events about mediafacades, you shouldm’t miss, when you are in Vienna. Meet us there.

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mixed reality 4… media facades
Meeting point: Architekturzentrum Wien – Podium
sundays: Sunday, Apr. 02, 2006, 05:00 pm – 09:00 pm
Tickets: EUR 16.- / EUR 11.50 with reduction
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Media facades
Location: Architekturzentrum Wien – Podium
Presentation: Wednesday, Apr. 05, 2006, 07:00 pm
Tickets: Free entry!
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