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Bayer Tower, Leverkusen

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The Bayer Tower in Leverkusen is not gona be demolished, but will resplend in new light – not any more as an office building, but as an ultramodern media facade. The Bayer AG plans the transformation of the former company center into a far away visible media sculpture and wants thereby to create a up-to-date visualization of Bayer at the head office of the enterprise. The 122 meters high office tower will be used by Bayer as an impressive communication instrument. The completion of the new media facade is intended for spring 2009.

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The beginning of the reconstruction is planned for June of this year. The building at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee will be striped down to the stealing and the floor structures. Afterwards a transparent and weather-resistant high-grade steel fabric will coat the building over a surface of 17,500 square meters. Approximately 3.5 million LED lights are woven into the lattice and can display moving pictures and light shows

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Most modern technology permits also – independently of the time of day – the representation of two approx. 40 times 40 to meters large representations of the Bayer cross on the east and west front of the building. Thus the tower becomes an impressive indication of the region and will be far away visible sign.



  1. Douglas Scott Treado
    Posted Sep 14, 2007 at 6:14 pm | Permalink

    The Bayer building at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee as an illuminated (24 hours!?)) “ultamodern media facade” seems a poor excuse for corporate excess and advertising!
    Why can’t the interior floors/levels be re-used for a useful, public purpose (rather than just stripping the interior floors)…?
    Isn’t there any sensible approach to the future use of this building, rather than just a nuisance as a digital/electronic billboard? HELP! (And pity the neigboring properties within its view…constant commecial like a drive-in movie!)

  2. Christopher v Mecklenburg
    Posted Jun 27, 2008 at 6:40 pm | Permalink

    The inner part of the Bayer bulding should be devoted being an EU think tank with the task of finding pratical and low cost programes to stimulate growth within 3rd world economies.
    Positions should be limited to 12 months after which the thinkers should be sent to the place they have chosen for their projects to be created and worked.

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