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Aegis Hyposurface-Kinetic Mediafassade


The Aegis Hyposurface is an outstanding piece of technics. It was designed by deCOi Architects and recieved the Feidad (= Far Eastern International Digital Architectural Design) Award 2001. It is still a remarkable design approach. The idea behind is, that due to the different positions of the small metall tiles, the reflection of the surrounding light is changing. In this way a tremendous poetic way of displaying patterns and shapes is possible.The Prototype consists out of about 1000 of these metall tiles. They are moved by “telescopic fingers” which reach a speed up to 60 km/h and have a stroke of 50 cm. Look at the following movies: Hyposurface01.AVI Hyposurface02.AVI

PICT00351.jpg PR_2003_hyposurface_002_p.jpg

More about this all you can find in the following book:

Liu, Yu-Tung
Defining Digital Architecture – 2001 FEIDAD Award
Basel; Birkhäuser 2001
Preisgekrönte Entwürfe der digitalen Architektur

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    full on, i love it !

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