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16ⁿ _ ƒ5³


16ⁿ _ ƒ5³ is an interactive kinetic light sculpture, extending the bi-dimensional screen space, by transposition of its pixel resolution to the physical space. Conceived as a modular infrastructure, 16ⁿ _ ƒ5³ is a communication and computation system, propagating in form of light and sound, the events it inhabits. Presence and motion create and alter the transmitted data, and propagation of this data becomes a space-time parameter.


ƒ5³ _ framework 5*5*5 refers to informatics’ modular workspace, called a framework. Here, ƒ5³ ‘s “frames” constitute the framework, a space built up by five modules of 2*2m, divided in 5*5 squared elements, establishing a matrix of 5*5*5 = 125 modules. At the one side diffusing the light (white) and at the other side absorbing the light ( black ), the modules constitute a binary language (0,1) and a space of 125 pixels, allowing to transcribe captured data from the physical environment in a kinetic and luminous play _ in between opening and closing, in between transparency and reflection, in between light and dark.




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  2. Anup Patel
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    I was wondering if I could get more information on how this sculpture actually works…like the mechanical elements, structure, lighting, etc. I am student at SCI Arc and am would like to give a thorough presentation regarding the work. I love the images but I am afraid I am still clueless in explaining how this operates.

    anup patel

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